Saturday, November 7, 2009

Funny baby..

It was one typical night I was chatting with baby on phone(which we usually lasted an hour or 2) and I forgot who brought up the topic about our future.

Me: Baby I am very worry about my future la.

Baby: why ? what makes you think so?

Me: I don't know leh, because ar 1 day I came across this book when I was roaming in the library call million dolar habits.

Baby: Uh huh.. and then?

Me: Then I read lo.. the book says right 1 of the criteria to be a successful person have to be very good and quick in making the correct decision.

Baby: Then?? so what?

Me: The problem is I am not good in making decision leh. I always hesitate this and that..

Baby: No ar.. I think you are really good in making decision wo.

Me: Har really meh? ( my heart : hehe ... thank you thank you.)

Baby: Because right that day when we were shopping at Sunway Pyramid, you suddenly told me you feel like eating fried chicken, then immediately you go to Jusco and choose your favourite chicken thigh. You decide things so fast man.

Me: .....

It was the day I got pawn by my girlfriend right in to the face.

You are so funny baby .

Friday, October 30, 2009

Self praise is no praise

I am not stress... I am just irritated.. For what I have been studying all night long and woke up to continue early in the morning just now. Studying is like an allergic to me, and studying xxxxxic civilization is like having brain tumor, I have no choice but to accept it, luckily it is just for 1 semester. Just a few more days .. My pain will end. Alright I shall not talk much about it, just incase if they break in to my dorm tonight and lock me up under the ISA act . ( They probably google ''milf" while they are at work and found my blog.)

Found something really funny in the net today from

Read the whole thing whole thing and try not to roll on the floor laughing.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Penang Again!!!!

I strike back to penang again after 2 months !!! It was deepavali break the other day last week. So we decided to porkify ourself with penang food.

picture of a typical penang road, the skies are so beautiful.

We had ''Oh bueh'' which means Yam Rice, for brunch on the first day . It's too good to describe

This dish totally fit my main motive to penang, to porkify myself. The bowl of soup in the middle is a SINFUL bowl of pork intestines soup and the side is obviously the famous Yam rice. I realize penang dishes likes to put pork intestines in every dish, and my favourite is none other than their pig blood , "Jee Hoong" in cantonese.

The meal is completed with one of the finest egg tart in Penang.

Later we went Batu Ferringhi , The tourist spot of Penang where all the hotels are located and beaches basically everywhere. So we sneak in to a hotel my roommate recommended, Rasa Sayang .

However, I over estimated the beaches there, as I can see the sea water is milo in colour, and there were hardly any sea shells on the beach . According to my roommate this place was striked by the lethal tsunami a few years ago, causing a geographic change over there.

Yet we still have alot of fun..

My University mates

Camwhore "beach"

Great day ends with a beautiful sunset

We had dinner at Bukit Mertajam. A peaceful town located in the mainland of Penang.

The Famous Penang "Oh Chian" Oyster Omelette

This one on top is Penang"char koay teow" fried with duck egg. Something that you must try when you are at Bukit Mertajam. (The plate reminds me an old nyonya plate I use when I was young)

The next day , we went to the so called penang's most famous Asam Laksa. According to my roommate , this Laksa store only opens once a week and only for 2 hours in the morning from 11am to 1pm .It is located in some secluded place. It is so famous that they also import their laksa soup to singapore, seriously not exaggerating.

A pot of laksa soup like this finish selling every 20 minutes

The secret of a delicious pot of laksa soup. COOK IT WITH CHARCOAL.

Very cost effective, by making her own house as a stall and the customers eats at their living room

Everyone is looking at her preparing asam laksa outside her house. Notice the amount of people?

Finally a bowl of sinfully delicious asam laksa . Yes I have to say sinfully because it is the best I have eaten.

A bowl of the best asam laksa with a cup of refreshening "Cincau" .... So Good.

Obviously its a packet of "ta pao" asam laksa noodle. But if you put a thousand over packets together...

It looks like drug trafficking!!

Baby how I wish that you were there with me every moment , admiring the beautiful sunset while holding on to each other at the beach. The journey remains imperfect without you.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

3 Years still tickling..

On the 14/10/06 when I was still a naive young boy ( in fact I am still one now) , Today this girl said ''Yes I want to be your minnie" Without realizing 3 years has past by just like this, and we are still stronger than ever. Many crisis had striked on us .

On some day in august 2007, When the national service (2008) name list was released, It was one of the hardest time of our lifes. The computer system actually said "tahniah" to her :( . This TAHNIAH send her away from me to the far east Malaysia (Sarawak) for 3 months. Things sucks alot since then , and shit happens for more than 3 months.

yes things are even sucker than this

Actually things were not that bad.. we really had alot of great time. So great that it seems like we both live in our small little world like no one else ever existed.

baby I really enjoy admiring the whole scenery of KL with you.

I enjoy doing stupid things with you..!!

and even more stupid things

We really had so much fun time together..

Baby I just want to say, even though I am approximately 7 hours away from you, doesn't matter it is happy times or hard ones. I wish you will be the one by my side.. Ok?

Happy Anniversary baby... <3

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This is mind blasting..

Last night after I click the ''publish post'' for the angry blog post , suddenly everyone just appear at the computer lab, I totally stun my brain wasn't quick enough to react, it's a surprise.. Absolutely well planned. Nothing describes the joy in me..

I will write about it next time, leaving a little suspense in it. =D

There is an exam next week ... 4 chapters and I have not even smell 1 .

How ? Die lo...

Monday, October 5, 2009

When sometone fuck your day up..

I decided to just spam here..

I bought fucking dinner from your fucking stall

Not to say your food is so extraordinary special or delicious.

You just can't fucking cook..

You make me waited for a whole fucking hour..


But why did you show me your fucking constipated face?

Fuck off my life and get yourself some bananas

You selfish slut..

You only bother your own profit ?!

You better get yourself some bitch slap..

Wake up you fucking ''dumpling''

How is Malaysia gona improve with people like you ?

You totally spoil my fucking day..

If I have a molotov...

I will burn down your whole fucking stall

Fuck you and hope you burn and decay in hell..

I almost forgot it's my 19th year today..

Far away from my expectation

How can a day be so terrible ?

I shall calm down and enjoy the rest of my day..

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sudden urge to blog !

I am back for a while again, Thanks to the great wifi in my hostel I couldn't video talk with my baby and also blog. Really miss those mid sem break holidays I had with my lou po and family, trully nostalgic, especially the day we watched up together , I know it is stupid to say that a 3D animation mnovie actually made us cry =X For those who haven't watched it yet, its a must watch movie !! especially for couples watch the one with 3D as well , its absolutely amazing.

Hostel wifi is not ok yet, I am in the library reading room waiting for my next business statistics class which is going to start in approximately 20 minutes time.(I hate maths !!)

whose that girl behind me !!!

Last weekend was the merdeka weekend and my roommate was really kind to invite me to his hometown at parit buntar (some place in between penang kedah and perak) My handsome roommate is so hospitable, he brought me to many places to try food by the roadside, I have been consuming like 2 billion calories in 2 days time, eating like 8 meals a day, seriously no joke, the food there is good and cheap and it seems to be like everywhere !!Thanks alot Han Liang =D

Baby I am missing you so much much in kedah here... what are you doing back there? even though we get to chat for hours everynight but the feeling is definitely different without seeing you there. I enjoy the times we imitate 'Hak Mui's ' and 'Sai Lup's' voice in our conversation, and also those moments we laughed at each others lame jokes, right baby ?
Spot sai lup and hak mui..